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Job Opening Information Junior Accountant

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Junior Accountant
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School Related Personnel
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This is a competitive position. Must meet requirements of Ontario County Civil Service. This position will be filled from an eligible list at Ontario County Civil Service.

Job Qualifications

Good knowledge of the principles, practices and terminology of accounting; good knowledge of financial administration including budgeting, purchasing and reporting, good knowledge of modern office equipment and software, procedures and equipment; working knowledge of business arithmetic; ability to develop and maintain accounting systems; ability to prepare and analyze complex financial records, reports and statements; ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing; ability to perform close, detail work involving considerable effort and concentration; ability to work as a member of a team and demonstrate sound judgement is essential. This position will be filled with a Provisional candidate who will be required to take and score within the top 3 of scores to maintain position and transition into Probationary status.

Application Procedure

Apply to take the Junior Accountant exam: If you have questions please contact: Kaitlin Driscoll at (315) 332-7291 or kaitlin.driscoll@wflboces.or

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You cannot apply for this position online. Please see instructions included in the job posting.

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